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Arturo de Frías

Wildlife photography is my Life Passion.

For two decades, I have been traveling all over the world, photographing the most remote and extreme habitats, and the most threatened species.

I enjoy photographing every animal and every landscape, but I have my favorites: the polar regions, Spanish wildlife (in particular wolf, bear and lynx), Africa (which I have visited more than 20 times), and underwater photography.

I have won or been finalist in a number of international and national photography competitions: FotoFIO (winner, 2015), Fine Art Photography Awards (Nominee with 2 images, 2016), International Photographer of the Year (Honorable Mention, 2015), Memorial Felix (Finalist with 2 images, 2016), and Memorial Maria Luisa (finalist, 2017).

I have published three large format books: Animal Kingdom (2014), Wild Spain (2015), and Africa – The Continent of Light (2016). I am currently working on my fourth book, about the polar regions.

My images have been published in books and magazines in more than 10 countries, including the US, the UK, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Spain… Very recently National Geographic Spain published my work too.

However, above all this, what really matters is the purpose of my photography. I like to think that I contribute with my images, even only modestly, to increase the number of human beings who fall in love with Nature – and hence will protect and respect Nature during their lives.

Besides, I always wanted my photography to have a strong philanthropic angle. I donate to charity all the revenues I generate with sales of images and books: 100% of the cover price of each and every book I sell is donated to SOS Children’s Villages, an international non-profit which carries out an amazing work, sheltering children without family, giving them another opportunity in life, in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Thanks to a large extent to the generosity of people like you, in the past few years I have sold more than 1,000 books, and donated more than 50,000 euros, to SOS Children’s Villages.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestion or comment you might have. My webpage, and my email, are below.

A million thanks for your support!!