Book Africa The Continent of Light


AFRICA – THE CONTINENT OF LIGHT is an outstanding collection of images of African wildlife, gathered during more than 20 different photographic trips to the African continent. The book, in large format, with 284 pages, has more than 300 images, from 30 different National Parks and wild places, in a dozen countries.

Magic, legendary places, like the Ngorongoro, Seerngeti, Etosha, Okavango, the Namib, Kalahari and Sahara deserts, Skeleton Coast, Madagascar, the mountains in Uganda, or the Red Sea. The purest essence of Africa’s wildlife.

Some of the images in AFRICA – THE CONTINENT OF LIGHT have won or been finalist in international competitions.



  • 300 IMAGES
  • LARGE FORMAT BOOK: 31 x 24 cm.
  • 284 PAGES
  • HIGH QUALITY PAPER: 150 gr/cm2