Book Wild Spain


WILD SPAIN, already in its second edition, showcases a wide selection of my very best wildlife and nature images in Spain, the country in Europe that offers the highest degree of biodiversity, according to the IUCN. It contains more than 300 images obtained during ten years of wildlife trips in Spain, during which I visited more than 40 wild places (including almost all the 15 National Parks in the country) driving more than 35,000 km, and spending more than 120 days in the bush.

WILD SPAIN visits all the major wild places and parks in the country: Doñana, Picos de Europa, Monfrague, Cabañeros, the Pirynees, Cazorla, Sierra Morena, Gredos… and a long etcetera. It includes superb images of the most iconic species in Spain: Iberian wolves, brown bears, Iberian lynx, wild boars, foxes, genets, red deer, roe deer, imperial and golden eagle, black and griffon vulture, capercaillie, lammergeier, cranes, kingfisher… and many more.



  • 340 IMAGES
  • LARGE FORMAT BOOK: 31 x 24 cm.
  • 308 PAGES
  • HIGH QUALITY PAPER: 150 gr/cm2